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2021 Munich Shanghai Electronics Show

On April 14, The 2021 Munich Shanghai Electronics show opened as scheduled, the Pudong New International Expo Center in Shanghai. The theme of this year’s Expo is ” wisdom leads the future world” , show a lot of the world’s leading, relatively large-scale, a full range of high-quality electronic diversified technology products. Our representatives went to the exhibition.

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ELECTRONICA China is the world’s most influential electronic exhibition series in Munich, with a firm grasp of the hot application markets such as smart Internet automobile, Internet of things, industrial automation, 5g communication, etc. , displays include semiconductor, embedded system, sensors, connectors, passive components, power supplies, test measurements, iot technology, automotive electronics and testing, PCB, EMS, display and other technologies, build an interactive platform for electronic suppliers and industry customers to discuss technology innovation and drive industry change.

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In this exhibition, we not only brought many old products with mature technology, but also showed the latest products, such as high-speed transmission precision Board to board connector, USB TYPE C, ultra-thin with lock wafer, lock function card sockets and some car gauge level of the front end of new products.

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Atom booth during the exhibition attracted different countries and regions of the terminal customers, distributors and electronic engineers, procurement and other come to visit and consultation, people come and go, in droves! Our representatives also provides a professional and patient knowledge for each customer to explain, business negotiations.

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At the same time, we also took the opportunity to meet and talk with our old customers. Many old customers have praised our rapid development and changes over the years, and highly appreciate of our products and services. They have great confidence in the follow-up cooperation, lOOK FORWARD TO LONG-TERM COOPERATION WITH US WIN-WIN!

The three-day exhibition came to a successful conclusion. In the context of the epidemic situation, we are very pleased that the exhibition was successfully held. It has played a very important role in brand promotion, new product promotion, and contact with new and old customers. It has filled us with expectations and hope for the future, i am sure that the 2021 ATOM will Living Up, and we will continue to do so as a dedicated connector solution! Professionally made!

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Post time: May-20-2021