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In 2021, the company will expand the automation production line in an all-round way

Since the beginning of this year, with the continuous reform of the connector industry, the continuous improvement of industry requirements, the continuous increase of labor costs, and the surge of our customers’ orders, in order to solve this all kinds of problem, after discussion of Management Teams ,Atom technology decided to rapidly expand and on the basis of the previous production, introduced a large number of fully automated production to solve the problem of rapid production, To ensure the smooth completion of customer orders.



With the development of automation, information technology and data technology, the introduction of automatic production line is of great significance to connector enterprises. It can help enterprises realize continuous production, reduce manual errors, improve production efficiency and reduce production costs.

For examples, for the Memory Micro Card connector, we assembly by manual before ,10 staffs in a flow production line ,the daily production capacity is about 30K per day , after to assembly by machines ,the daily production capacity for each machine is raising to 50K,  ,and we need only 1 staff to look after one machine. So far, we have 8 machines in total for the Micro SD Card connector , the daily capacity is about 400K per day . Obviously, the production capacity is greatly increased, production costs are greatly reduced,which makes us have more profit and energy to ensure the product capacity and quality , the company can be better development.

Post time: Jun-09-2021