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The application of connectors

Connectors are mainly used to connect data, signals and power supply between network equipment and mechanical facilities. They are also called connectors, plugs and sockets in China. They are inseparable from both daily life and industrial production. Industrial connectors are often used in harsher environments than indoor wall outlets, but we don’t usually notice. Let’s take a look at what connectors can do that are often overlooked.

First of all, in rail transit, for example, on bullet trains or high-speed trains, how can you talk more steadily, browse the Web faster, or watch high-definition programs? If you’ve spent a lot of time goofing off on the train, you know how important this is, and the connector is responsible for the steady flow of signals, allowing you to enjoy smooth WiFi.

When watching an event, such as a tennis match, the connector can be installed on the referee’s chair and connected to the referee’s computer to ensure normal power supply and communication. It can be said that the smooth running of the game, the connector is responsible for.

During the performance of a show, such as a pop rock concert, theater or musical, the connector can provide reliable, robust signal transmission, an exciting performance without it.

In power stations, especially in outdoor switchgear, industrial connectors play its unique performance. Constant exposure to sun, wind, dust, rain and ice provides a safe connection to the control cabinet.

Reliable, proven connectors are especially popular in wind energy, such as slurry systems for wind turbines.

In robots, connectors are also indispensable. Thanks to connectors, robots are easier to operate and automate.

In the production process, such as 3 for CNC control

- 5-axis machining center, boring, milling, drilling machinery, multi-axis CNC system can not be separated from the connector, open USB, TCP/IP network DNC processing and data transmission.

In fact, lathes, plastic processing machinery, printing presses, metal and wood processing machinery, electric cranes, semiconductor production equipment, food, and beverage processing and packaging machinery all use connectors to achieve power, signal and data machine connection.

This is a Siemens distributed drive product. The driver on the left and the motor on the right are connected by an orange cable with harting connectors at both ends. As you can imagine, if you do not use the connector, the fixed cable connection, the left and right sides of the equipment is not only the distance is fixed, and if once you need to move or transport, have to move two equipment together, extremely inconvenient. And the use of connectors to connect, the two equipment can be separated packaging transportation, split at any time, very convenient!

Advantages of connectors

So, connectors in our areas of life, interspersed with its shadow, or clear or vague. The most clear embodiment is the embodiment of the mechanical connector, both ends of the instrument interface, playing the role of connection.

The advantages of the connector, so that it in the application of life continues to expand, but also to show a different role, for our life to bring convenience, but also can not be underestimated, so what are the advantages of the connector?

First, the connector’s bridging role and its convenience. Connector connection function, changed the global spacing disadvantage of large space, connected with the combination of large space, so as to realize the connection between the three-dimensional surface, realize the unification of the plane, this is the biggest advantage of the plug piece, simple and small, convenient.

Secondly, the connector is small and concise, once the connection problem is found, it is easy to repair and replace; And the connector upgrade speed is fast, can realize the renovation and replacement of internal components, which is more important for the cost saving and safety assurance of the whole project. Thirdly, it is easy to maintain and upgrade quickly.

Finally, the design of the connector is flexible, which is one of the main criteria for us to choose it. The design of the connector is small, easy to install, easy to remove, and ensure its safety and integrity, which deeply embodies the classic theory that concentration is essence.

Therefore, connector as a mechanical and electrical components in our lives play a huge role, to provide a bridge connecting systems, subsystems or components, transmission signals or energy, is an indispensable product of electrical and electronic products, to achieve the combination of this shore and the other shore, like a bridge, hold up the whole road smooth.

Post time: Nov-18-2021