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The delivery time of large foreign connector manufacturers is extended, and the domestic replacement is just in time

Recently, due to raw material prices and shortages, many connector factories have extended the delivery cycle. The foreign connector manufacturers have been facing the delivery time is too long, so it also brings domestic connector manufacturers the opportunity to replace.

For a long time, foreign connector enterprises have been faced with the problem of long delivery time, and recently due to the epidemic and the rise and shortage of raw materials, the delivery time was extended again. Recently, JAE, Molex, TE and other foreign connector companies have changed their delivery cycle due to rising raw material prices and shortages

Although, many domestic connector manufacturers also because of raw material prices and out of stock and extended delivery, but compared with foreign manufacturers still occupy a lot of advantages, such as shorter delivery, flexible service, lower cost, which also brings domestic manufacturers the opportunity to replace.

It is understood that the delivery time of domestic connector manufacturers generally needs 2~4 weeks, foreign generally needs 6~12 weeks. In recent two years, the delivery time of foreign manufacturers continues to extend, and the delivery time can even reach 20~30 weeks.

At the same time, under the general trend of domestic substitution, domestic manufacturers are gradually realizing the localization of electronic components.

In addition, the trade war between The U.S. and China has caused a big impact on Korea as it is heavily dependent on imports of core chips and components. After biden took office, he continued trump’s tough stance on China’s trade restrictions, and the trade war between China and the US will continue to limit, therefore, domestic substitution is urgent!

According to the international cable connection, understanding, the current domestic connector manufacturer with continuous r&d, part of the product performance has reached the international mainstream level, in the domestic policy to actively support the favorable conditions, connector domestic enterprises is not only the advantages of shorter lead time, could also rely on technological progress, rapid response capability and cost advantage gradually achieve domestic substitution, Achieve a substantial increase in market share.

In the face of the material skyrocketing and shortage of domestic replacement opportunities, domestic connector manufacturers have to control the quality of the connectors first for chasing the opportunities.

Post time: Sep-27-2021