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What should be considered when selecting electronic connectors?

Electronic connector is an indispensable part of the electronic industry. It not only allows the current to flow through the circuit, but also facilitates maintenance and replacement and simplifies the production process. With the more and more precision and miniaturization of electronic connectors, the requirements of electronic connectors are higher, such as high reliability, small volume, high transmission performance and so on.

The key part of the electronic connector is the terminal, which is equivalent to a small connector. It connects some equipment with the same or different performance to ensure the smooth operation of some parts or the smooth flow of current, so that the whole equipment can operate. Most of the materials of electronic connectors are not the same. Because the properties and functions of the places used are different, the material selection will also be different. Some need high temperature resistance and some need corrosion resistance. In short, the material selection is determined according to the specific situation. Electronic connectors play an important role in the whole system, so electronic engineers not only pay attention to chips, but also other electronic components.

In real operation, not every kind of electronic connector is suitable, and various situations will occur frequently. For example, using cheap connectors will eventually pay a high price and regret, resulting in the failure of normal operation of the system, product recall, product liability cases, damage, rework and maintenance of the circuit board, and then the loss of customers.

For the selection of electronic connectors, the following points should be considered clearly:1. Clarify their own use, specifications and performance requirements.

2. Consider the current, temperature resistance, cold resistance, vibration and other factors according to the service environment

3. Space and shape are also important. It usually controls the type of connector products used

4. Mechanical properties such as plugging force can enable the manufacturer to provide test reports

5. Finally, the price should be considered. Pay attention to cheap connectors. The risk caused in the later stage is huge. The time and energy are explained. If you rework in the later stage, the gain is not worth the loss.

Of course, the best way is to find a high-quality electronic connector manufacturer to connect directly with the engineer; If you need to cooperate with connector manufacturers or have doubts about connectors, please pay attention to Shenzhen Atom connectors.

Post time: Oct-12-2021